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I’ve been very blessed recently to join a 30 Day Christian Coaching Challenge, thank you to Kim Avery of Florida.
Our challenge begins with three days of prayers and visions from God, in regard to coaching and business.
So here’s my first Day 1 entry:

In a sleepless night last night, I kept receiving images, scriptures and so many words, that I intend to make a painting of them, while this will take time.
The three paintings will be in regard to the three time periods, as our activity, yet starting from now and into the days and years ahead.
1) Vision for now to the 90 Days.
I kept having a song playing in my head called ‘Little Bird’ and the questions of what the little bird is and is going to do. The sparrow is an image I’ve been reminded of over many years. I felt long ago that God was calling me to be bold and I questioned “like a lion?”, but it was at that time, more like a sparrow and they are! Psalm 84, Psalm 102:7, Matthew 10:29, 31 and Luke 12:6, 7.
This symbol is also such a great reminder of God’s amazing love and provision. Nothing nor anyone is too small for God. I’ve been feeling as I sing of the little bird, she grows bigger and stronger and will become like the strong eagle of Isaiah 40:31.

I have so much more to share, as God revealed and reminded me of a few symbols and each of these, would grow, change and develop over the 3 time periods (90 Days, 1 year & 5 years).
Perhaps I’ll share the next symbol tomorrow, unless He tells me some thing else in the meantime.

I hope my discoveries may be an encouragement and a place of learning.
Feel free to comment if this speaks something to you or if it’s a strange collage of thoughts, images and scriptures. They can be like that to me, but I enjoy an investigation and a coming together of clues.

My desire is that we can ‘draw from the heart’. That we’ll discover more of the longings and desires deep within, that we’ll discover more in drawing from the heart of God that created us. This motto is also my play on words as an artist that the drawing and the art may also portray this journey. Proverbs 20:5 says,”Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the well within.” This is my heart in Life Coaching and for healing and wholeness in life. Here in this scripture lays a clue for Day 2’s symbol.
Catch ya then.

Many Blessings from Sue Stergo.


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